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Thank you for your interest in the Jump Start 2020 slide presentations. We value your honest feedback, and use it to continually improve our events. To gain access to the Jump Start 2020 conference presentations, please complete the post-conference survey. From there, you will receive an email with a link to the presentations.

Available for Download

  • BrainSHIFT: 3 Mindful Steps to Break the Stress-Success Cycle
  • Global Economic Update
  • U.S. Financial Outlook
  • How Has Trucking Capacity Really Changed?
  • Calming Reverse Logistics Chaos
  • Technology: Fundamentals, Add-Ons & Coming Attractions
  • Steps to a Successful Integration
  • Parts and Warranty Validation – Automotive Retail Store on the Blockchain Hyperledger Use Case
  • Grappling with the New Era of Cross-Border Mexico
  • Navigating the Complexities of Tax Credits
  • The True Cost of Final Mile